Big Cats Come to OSRS: Cheap RS07 Gold to Support WWF & Grab Big Cat Toys

The Big Cats event has been coming to Old School Runescape on July 23, only few days after the Big Cats Edition the Drop in RS 3. With different forms and different pets providing, OSRS players won’t want to miss those cute cats that can be stocked as in-game toys whilst helping World Wildlife Fund by donating some in-game bonds.

What can you do for World Wildlife Fund?

Do you want to help save the big cats of Gielinor while enjoying your beloved game? Now it is your time as Jagex brought the Big Cats event to Old School Runescape to support the conservation work of World Wildlife Fund (WWF). From July 23 to August 20, talking to the WWF Conservationist found in the Grand Exchange and entering the area of the big cats, you would be able to begin your journey to help restore the habitat. And every habitat you help will grant you a big cat toy.
Besides, you can also donate to WWF using Bonds by speaking to the Conservationist. And Jagex promised to donate at least £2.85 to WWF for each bond you give. Some players have questioned that why Jagex doesn’t donate money directly if they really want to help those habitats. Indeed, it is quite normal a company need to seek some profits. When donating by spending bonds, the old school team can make some money, at the same time, help to support WWF. Similarly, in this way, players can help habitats whist enjoying game, all win-win situations. So why bother concerning whether you donate with bonds, osrs gold or real money? By the way, it is noteworthy that players that want to know how many bonds have been donated can talk to Emem, the conservationist in the event area for an answer.

What can you get from the big cats event?

On top of the money that would be donated to WWF by your bonds using, four kinds of big cat toys are available to gain during the four weeks. Thus, as mentioned above, every habitat you help will grant you a big cat toy from the below category:
For all players: Tiger, Snow leopard
For osrs members: Lion, Amur leopard
What worth mentioning is that all those toys can be stocked in your house the same as other holiday items. Besides, as there has been an issue with some people not being able to claim their toys, Jagex has found the reason that this was caused by people clicking out of the message they received on completing that section of the content. To stop this from happening again to anyone, a hotfix has been added so that players can get state set back to what it should be (if you have been having issues) by talking to Emem.

There are many players who have been joined in indicate that it is easy to save habitat and get cute cat toys, so how about you? During this limited period of time, take your effort to grab yourself some big cat toys, and don’t hesitate to come to RS3gold for cheap 07 rs gold when you need!


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