Important Safety Tips And Precautions For Dogs In Cars

Car Safety Tips For Dogs During Driving

My two dogs absolutely love taking car rides. However, quite often when we are out on the roads, we see other dog owners with their dogs in cars and some very unsafe practices. I want to highlight some of these.

For example, we often see dogs in cars sticking their heads out the windows. The dogs obviously love doing this but there is a danger to this. Road debris can fly up and hurt the dog’s eyes. In fact, experts claim that when a car is traveling at speed, an impact with a small insect can cause considerable damage to a dog’s eyes.

So don’t let your dog stick out its head out the window. You can roll down the window enough so that your dog can still enjoy the nice breeze but not down enough for it to stick its entire head out.

Keep Dogs In Back Seats

The other thing we see is dog owners allowing their dogs to sit in the front seats. Think about this, if you get into a car accident and the front airbags engage, there is a good chance that a dog, especially a small one, will not survive the hard impact of the airbags. Small dogs sitting on the driver’s lap are in the same situation.

For bigger dogs in cars, this issue is debatable but irregardless of the size of the dog, if something interesting outside excites a dog, this can distract the driver. When this happens, this can end up being a recipe for a car accident. So it is best if dogs are kept in the back seats.

Using Dog Seat Belts

When in the back seats, dogs should be restrained using dog seat belts or dog car harnesses. Just like humans, if a dog is not strapped in, it can end up flying through the windshield. Dog seat belts, like the ones I use with my own two Lhasa Apso dogs, attach to the car’s safety belts. Such a dog car harness is very convenient and easy to use.

So the general safety rules for dogs in cars are that they should never stick their heads out the windows and they should be restrained in the back seats with a dog car harness. Use the same type of precautions that you would use for small children and babies. You wouldn’t put a baby or little kid in the front seat so do the same with your dog. Be safe when taking your dog out for car rides.

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