Maine Coon Cats – Their View of the Outside World

When you first take possession of your new Maine Coon cat the person who sold it to you may ask you to sign an agreement saying that you will keep the cat indoors and the reason for this is that it is believed that indoor cats actually live longer and healthier lives.

As with everything in life, this thinking is not universal, and many people believe that by keeping your cat indoors you are depriving it of that sense of freedom. This of course is partly true but happily there is a way around it. You simply need to think outside the box and work out ways of bringing the outdoors, Indoors.

Start with your cats view of the outside world. Hopefully, you have a window with a nice view, where your cat can perch. If you do, he will spend hours in this location, simply watching what is going on. If you dont feel like this is enough, and you still feel that you are depriving your cat, there is still another option.

The second possibility is that you might have a screened porch or a porch that you can put a screen around. This will enable your maine coon to have a good view of the world and to enjoy the fresh air. Just make sure that there is no way he can jump over the screen and get out. Perhaps you could provide a pet door back into the house for him.

Use a harness and leash, and let your cats paws touch the grass often! Being outdoors isnt harmful. Being outdoors unattended and unrestrained is harmful. Get a good harness and leash, and train your cat to it.

Of course at first your cat may not be all that keen on using a harness and leash but persist with it and very soon he will associate the harness and lease with having a good time outdoors. And when you go out just remember that your cat may not necessarily want to walk. He may want to just stand or sit around and enjoy the grass or even roll around.

The last thing that we want is your maine coon to feel bored by being indoors. We all know that cats big and small have a natural instinct to go hunting so make sure he has the opportunity to do so. Pop along to your local pet store and see if there are any toys that you can buy which will enable him to use his natural abilities to the full.

In conclusion it is hardly necessary to say that you must ensure they have all the nutrition and the exercise indoors that the ordinary cat would receive ourdoors. A visit to your local pet store should prove helpful in this area as they can probably advise you on what food is just right for an indoor cat. And on the subject of exercise well how about building them some sort of treehouse or exercise ladder which they can use under supervision?

Now let me just say as we finish that keeping your maine coon indoors is not being unkind to them. Your cat was almost certainly born indoors and doesn’t know the difference between indoors and outdoors, and as long as you work at bringing the outdoors indoors, you’ll find your cat is extremely happy and still able to enjoy all the indoor benefits.

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