The History of Persian Cats

Would it surprise you to learn that the Persian cat is considered to be one of the oldest breeds of cats, although not everybody entirely believes this. Most people however do believe that the Persian cat originated in the country known as Persia which is now modern-day Iran.

The popular history of the Persian cat tells us that they were first introduced into Italy around about 1620 a man called Pietro della Valle and that at around about the same time they were introduced into France by somebody called Nicholas Claude Fabri de Peiresc. This does seem to be fairly well documented and it fits with all versions of the Persians history.

It is believed that Persians were introduced to Britain from France, and that before this time, they did not have the long hair that we see today. Instead, they were bred in Turkey with Turkish Angoras, which is where the long hair comes from. However, in other versions of the history, the cats were bred with African wildcats to obtain the longer hair.

It has been rightly stated that Persian cats have a high value, and this is very well illustrated by the fact that in the past they were the first choice of royalty and the very wealthy.

It has to be said that not everybody shares the same beliefs as regards the introduction of the Persian cat some people believing that it was in fact a descendant of Felis Libyca, a cat that originated from Africa and Asia. They also believe that it was actually the Romans who introduced the Persian into Europe at the earlier date of 1500s.

The comparatively recent history of the Persian cat is easy to ascertain as they were introduced into the United States and Canada in the early 1900s. Since then there have been quite quickly gaining in popularity and today they are highly prized for their show abilities and their pet qualities. Many Persian owners love to exhibit their cat at various shows while others prefer just to keep them at home as their favourite pet.

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