Trivial Facts About The Most Common Disciplined Animal: Dogs

Of all the domesticated animals in the world, the most versatile of them all has to be the Dog; Dog’s feature in all walks of life, we’ve all heard of guard dogs and hunting dogs, racing dogs and guide dogs for the blind, and of course the good old fashioned mans best friend, everywhere you look you will find a dogs role in society.

Some Dog facts that you probably do not know:-

Dogs are not as vicious as we are led to believe, records show that only 1 in 4 million dogs will kill a human being, much lower than people imagine.

There is a 20% chance of boys aged between 5 and 9 getting bitten than any other person in the general population, (just something to consider if you have children and would like a dog.,

Records show that falls caused by pets in the United States are actually caused 88 out of 100 times by dogs.

Dogs have such good vision that they can spot their owners from great distances away.

A dog’s vision is very sensitive to motion but not as sensitive when it comes to stationary objects.

Dogs can hear almost 4 times better than humans due to 18 muscles in their ears which allow the ear to tilt and rotate with ease and allowing them to find the source of the sound very quickly.

Dogs can pick up smells far lower than a human is able to do; their wet noses allow them to determine which way the wind is blowing; and allows them to find the source of a smell.

Dogs have been known to live up to at least 25 years.

Every year there are between 6 to 8 million dogs and cats that are placed into animal shelters, sadly for them 1 in 2 never get the chance to come back out again.

It is recommended that dogs be neutered or spayed early on as sexual maturity normally begins around the 6 to 12 months period of a dog’s birth.

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