Dogs Harnesses – Efficient Components of Dog Gear

The place of dogs in our world can never be replaced because of their history of service to mankind. In recent years, the demand for dog gear has risen massively. Dogs are the faithful aides of man since times immemorial. Their intense devotion towards their masters makes them the most trusted friends of mankind. There are many tales and depictions in cultures and races all over the world about the dedication of dogs towards their masters. In most parts of the world, dogs are treated as family members. And as family members receive attention and care, then why should dogs be left out? Dogs are the most preferable pets due to their amiable nature.

If you are welcoming one such new member to your family, then you have to be prepared well ahead of its arrival. Or in case, you are already a proud owner of a dog then you have to accessorize your pet with dog gear for its comfort and safety. Primarily, all dogs require similar type of gear with slight variations in shape and size. However, shopping for suitable gear for your pet is nothing less than that for a baby. The amazing array of gear available for dogs today is bound to confuse dog owners. However, you can relieve yourself from the worries of shopping for your pet if you do your research and homework properly.

Start off with an analysis of your budget. You don’t want to invest extra bucks for something worthless or unnecessary. The requisite gear for a dog includes the water bowl, a dog feeder and dogs harnesses. These components of the gear cannot be neglected considering their inevitability for your pet. There are numerous variants of gear for dogs available in distinct price, type and size categories. Fashionable gear is only applicable to pets that have the privilege of the company of celebrities. However, a dog in a common household requires a set of long lasting and robust gear which would go easy on the pockets of the masters.

Dogs harnesses are particularly required for the safety of dogs while outside. Harnesses are just the fine products for dogs which ensure an augmented style for your pet as well as its safety. Harnesses are fit for smaller breeds or canines facing troubles in breathing with a collar. Collars can strangulate the throats of smaller breeds and even cause damage to their trachea and esophagus. Harnesses are majorly useful for handling hyperactive and larger dogs and for enhanced control over them. You should pick up the harness which shall be neither big nor too small for your dear pet. This allows them an added sense of relief and comfort.

Dogs can feel comfortable even without dog gear equipped with superfluous designer attachments. Harnesses or collars with buckles studded over them tend to be heavy and distract them. This would cause imminent irritation in your pets and you sure won’t like their behavior. So it is preferable to stay away from such gear equipment. The choice of gear shall also be favorable to your pet’s health. Purchase creditable gear for providing your dog the best experience of their lives!

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Protein And Kidney Failure from Your Dogs Diet Is It A Myth?

Recent research has suggested that higher levels of protein in your dogs diet could result in kidney failure. Do you know if what you are giving your dog is safe? Are you harming the health of your furry friend by giving too much protein in your dogs diet?

The studies that showed a link to high protein levels and kidney failure that started the fears about protein levels in a dogs diets was not researched the right way. The research was executed on rats, not dogs. Rats primarily eat plants as their regular diet. Consequently a rats biological makeup would mean it would have trouble digesting a diet containing high levels of protein. Rats have difficulty passing protein due to their regular dietary requirements, not because the high protein diet causes kidney failure.

Thus, where do we stand on protein in your dogs diet? Dogs are naturally omnivorous. In the wild, dogs would hunt or scavenge for food. Your dogs diet would normally be of both animals and plants. Naturally dogs are meat eaters too. Because of this, a dog can easily manage with a diet consisting of 30% protein or more.

When protein intake is reduced in a dogs diet, renal function does not improve. Renal lesions are not less likely to form when a dog is fed with a low-protein diet. It is not until a blood urea nitrogen, or BUN, test indicates a level of 75, that a reduction in protein intake be considered for your dogs diet.

If you have concerns about the amount of protein in your dogs diet, schedule an appointment to speak with a professional on the subject. Your trusted veterinary can advise you on the specifics in regards to your dogs diet.

It is not correct that dogs can not ordinarily digest high levels of protein. Kidney problems do not result from having high levels of protein in your dogs diet. Large amounts of protein are digested safely in your dogs diet, specially when they mainly come from animal origins.

Ten amino acids must be supplied in your dogs diet through protein. Only twelve of 22 amino acids can be manufactured in your dogs liver. For this reason, meat such as heart, spleen, and meat by-products all have a place in your dogs diet.

If you buy high-quality dog food it should contain meat as the main ingredient. This will supply the right amount of protein in your dogs diet. If you think about a dog in its natural environment, would you see a wild dog grazing in a cornfield at mealtime?

Aging dogs should not be put on lower protein diets just because of age. In point of fact, some aging pets want a dogs diet that is higher in protein than when they were at a younger adult stage. Unless your vet advises not to, you should always provide your pet the advantage of quality protein in your dogs diet.

Feeding your dog protein should not cause you concern. We all want what is best for our dogs and nature tells us that protein will assist your dog to live a healthy life. If you have questions about protein and kidney failure in your pet, then you should speak to your vet about your dogs diet.

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